“Where The Busses Don’t Run”

“Where The Busses Don’t Run”

Day 1:
I woke up on the bedroom floor,
It might be late but I’m not sure,
I crawl into the shower stall,
And try not to recall…
The car is broke and I’ve lost a shoe,
The kids are hungry and the rent is due,
The power’s out and the cable’s down,
I’ve gotta leave this town…

Week 2:
I woke up on the bathroom floor,
It might be early, I’m not sure,
I can’t stand up, my legs are numb,
I lost where I came from…
Throw yet another drunken fit,
I never learn, I feel too sick,
I can’t get out of bed most days,
I hope it’s just a phase…

Month 3:
I woke up on the kitchen floor,
I might be dead but I’m not sure,
Seems like I always find out last,
Erase it from my past…
The toast is burnt, my coffee’s cold,
I know too much, my mind’s too old,
I’ve got one foot inside the grave,
But there’s still more time to shave…

Year 4:
I wanted you to know that I’ve always felt this low,
I piss away the hours systematically,
I wanted to survive but I’m running out of time,
So I’ve planned your hours in favor of me,


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