Bill Cunningham Is A Racist

It’s been almost a year since I’ve blogged about anything. Sorry, but I’ve been out on a nine month hiking trip through the GumDrop Candy Forest. Well, it started out as a hiking trip. I went to one of Mr. Goodbar’s infamous gingerbread house parties and, long story short, I knocked up a Gummi Bear. Or so I thought. Nine months later, the kid came out half caramel.


If only I’d had the foresight and lack of self respect to call one of those daytime talk shows for one o’ dem lie detector tests to justify my self loathing!

Daytime talk shows are quite formulaic. Jerry Springer, Maury Povich, Steve Wilkos, Bill Cunningham, Trisha Goddard, and the soon to be cancelled Jeremy Kyle all have the same show. Fucked-up people go on TV and look like fucked-up people in order to make the home viewer feel better about themselves.

Sure, your useless, unemployed ass is at home at 1pm watching TV, but at least you're not as fucked-up as these losers!

I enjoy these shows because, frankly, I enjoy the misery of others. Who doesn’t? However, there is one daytime show that’s way WAY worse than any of the others. No, not Dr. Oz. Great guess, though! Thanks for playing! No, I’m talking about…

Bill Cunningham.

This hideous golem doesn’t just have a sub-par TV show where he talks down to black people. He also has a sub-par AM radio talk show where he talks down to everyone! On his radio show, he’s been heard to say stuff like:


“…(Barack Obama’s) father was a typical black father who, right after the birth, left the baby. That’s what black fathers do. They simply leave.”

After careful consideration (aka: overthinking it), I am convinced that this man is such a racist bigot, he actually started a TV show to not only get ratings and make money like his daytime contemporaries, but to also back up his own disgustingly racist and bigoted views about black people! Kind of like a less subtle Pat Robertson.

And I’m saying he almost exclusively features only crazy, shouting black people on his show. Like, more than the average shit-ass talk show. Seriously. Flip channels and check once in awhile. They are almost always black, and they’re rarely not yelling.

If you enjoyed the above video, you’ll love this charming bit from his radio show. Back in 2003, a black man named Nathaniel Jones was beaten to death by Cincinnati cops. Jones was 400 pounds of angel dust-fueled insanity, and the cops just went whack-a-mole on his ass. Preliminary autopsy results (as reported by Fox News) showed that he may not have died from the severe beating, but from heart failure due to his girth and the ridiculous amount of PCP in his body. Too bad the whole thing was caught on video, and the black community got pissed off about it. The cops looked bad once again, and the whole thing was just sad. Not technically a “tragedy”, but still sad. Therefore I have no jokes about it. I just don’t see it as an especially humorous event. However, handsome media superstar Bill Cunningham thought it was the perfect subject to write a wacky song about! Everybody sing along!


“The fat man ever after has a martyr’s place/ Let’s all ignore whatever drugs he had…His death was unrelated to his injuries but still we hear the people sing police brutality/ lies go on bro la la how the lies go on.”

Tee-fucking-hee. This is the same Bill Cunningham that now has a show featuring African-American guests that he and his producers help make look like Hustler magazine cartoons, and he scolds them about their personal family relationship problems. Being a guest on this bigot’s show would be like getting a blow job in a public men’s room through a hole in a “God Hates Fags” sign.

This man is a racist.

Fox’s story about it:

Fox News! We distort...You decry!



It would stand to reason that Bill would hate the president. Not only is Obama black (or black enough for Bill to hate) but apparently, if you have an AM talk radio show, it’s required by FCC regulations that you do nothing but talk shit on Obama. Media trail blazer Bill Cunningham never strays from the established tropes of the medium he’s working in. Got an AM radio talk show? That’s easy! Do the ol’ Limbaugh shtick! Got a daytime TV talk show? No problem! Do the ol’ Maury shtick! Bill Cunningham is so derivative and creatively bankrupt, Hollywood producers masturbate to his show transcripts.

Here’s a fun quote from The Bill Cunningham Radio Show where Bill accuses The President Of The United States Of America of wanting to “gas the Jews”.


During the October 30 broadcast of his Cincinnati-based radio show, Bill Cunningham asked “Randy Furman,” a fictional Jewish character voiced by fellow WLW-AM host Scott Sloan: “Did you hear about this [Columbia University professor of Middle East studies Rashid] Khalidi tape where [Sen. Barack] Obama is toasting a guy who wants to gas and fry Jews? … This Obama guy loves the PLO [Palestinian Liberation Organization]. Can’t you figure that out?” Cunningham later added, “Jews for [Sen. John] McCain because Obama wants to gas the Jews, like the PLO wants to gas the Jews, like the Nazis gassed the Jews. You got Obama introducing Arab terrorists, and the L.A. Times won’t release the story.”

Holy shit! At least Glenn Beck was honest enough with his audience to say his kooky Nazi bullshit on both his radio and TV shows. Bill tries to fool his TV audience by disguising his bigotry within a simulacrum of the typical paint-by-numbers daytime format. The racism is definitely still there if you know to look for it. Now you do. You’re welcome.


“I guess the L.A. Times still has that tape on Khalidi, and they don’t release it because it’s injurious to the interest of Obama. Can you imagine if the media had a tape of maybe John McCain at a Ku Klux Klan rally or at an abortion-clinic benefit and he’s standing there toasting the guy who bombed the abortion clinic, and the L.A. Times wouldn’t release it?”

Sure. I’d imagine the media coverage for a presidential candidate participating at a fucking Clan rally would be vastly different than the coverage of a senator toasting an American university professor. Probably because one of these things doesn’t involve anything particularly newsworthy, and the other one would involve celebrated war hero John McCain participating at a fucking KKK rally! It’s like comparing apples and date rape. Good eye, Bill. Nice job.

Oh, and notice how he played the KKK card? Have I mentioned that this man is a racist?

This man is a racist.

If you need a non-racial/non-political reason to avoid this grotesque human hemorrhoid, try this:


Cunningham’s WLW show (in Cincinnati) went on a brief hiatus in June 2010 due to a contract dispute. Soon after, WLW’s owner, Clear Channel, announced that he signed a long-term agreement to stay with the station. In released remarks commenting on his decision, Cunningham said, “Cincinnati is my home. The first air I breathed. The first milk I drank was from Cincinnati. Others may have come as carpetbaggers to loot the Queen City and then move on. Willie will remain true.”

Hey, at least he’s loyal! He’s proud to have been born in Cincinnati, Ohio (he said it was “the first air he breathed”) and he don’t take kindly to carpetbaggers trying to fuck with his home town!

Bill Cunningham was born in Covington, Kentucky

Oh, well, fuck that all to Hell! Never mind.

“Cunningham was one of four children and has described his father as an abusive alcoholic who left the family when Cunningham was 11.”

Gee, Bill. I didn’t know you were half black.

In all seriousness, that’s actually pretty sad. I wish I could help. If only…hey wait! I just got a great idea for the next episode of Bill’s TV show! Quickly! To the DeLorean! We need to give Bill’s dad a lie detector test!

"Souls? Where we're going, we won't need...souls...


30 thoughts on “Bill Cunningham Is A Racist

    • thank you i feel you on that when a white man say baby daddy what the hell man really and make fun of them the way they act come man he just just a white man with black paint on face making fun of his niggers guest oops he black guest and these black fools dont see it he making fun of them but if they hear the word FREE FOOD AND HOTEL STAY oh its on now ok or looking i hour of fame you dig?

      • I more than agree with your comments! But, please let me add yet a little more to this unfortunate ongoing situation! I personally don’t care to hear the terms “baby mama, or baby daddy” either, and we as a people need to stop using that as well. Because, in truth we’re only stereotyping ourselves. We complain when others stereotype Black people and cry racism, but we have no problem continually doing that to ourselves. Sorry, but we can’t have it both ways. So, stop the usual “double standard” nonsense! What, is simply wrong with either saying “Father, or Mother”? Secondly, this program does in fact, and reality show black people as being nothing more than clowns, fools, idoits, rude…(especially Black women) and ignorant n*****s! But, we seem to have no problem with being protrayed in that negative light. Why? Are, we as a people “so desparate” to be seen on TV always protraying completely dyfunctional fools, and worse? Sadly, that appears to be the case! So, who’s really at fault here? And, why do Black people continually run in mass to come on his show? Sorry, but the truth is that we don’t obviously as a people even respect ourselves! Also, you’re absolutely right about the free food, hotel, and a free plane trip. The operative word in the minds of most Black people is always “FREE”! Asppears, that Romney was right all along!

      • No, Jon. I think people go on these shows because it’s something fun to do. Sure you get whatever free crap they give you, but to say that that must be the only motivation for every guest is an ignorant generalization. Also, it’s not the guests’ fault if the show is hosted by a well documented racist. See, I wasn’t condemning all shows of this nature. I was only condemning Bill Cunningham specifically, because he’s the only one that has two public faces. He does a racist right-wing AM radio show, and a fairly typical lie-detector & “baby-daddy” bullshit daytime tv show. (Also, he’s frequent Fox News talking head.) None of the other daytime hosts do this, and that’s why I only went after Bill. When you do one show where you say racist garbage about black people, you should not then go and do a different show that features black people acting outrageous while you talk down to them and mug for the camera. Plus, the man looks like the victim of an acid attack. He looks like the guy that Red Forman hit with his car at the end of RoboCop. He should stick to the radio where he can say all the racist shit he wants, and no one has to gaze upon his ghastly melty-faced visage.

  1. I am glad I took the time to research Bill Cunningham and his views. I have watched his program a few times until I read he was a conservative radio host shouting out views of Black people he knows nothing about. In every Race we can find many examples of how people live their lives. The show seems to show an inordinate amount of Black people appearing as guest on Bill’s show. He has chosen to hide behind his views by coming across as caring, helpful and embracing of others. He has a low opinion of Black people and expresses that side of himself on his radio show and other venues. I would like to think people applying to this show would not do so if they really understood what he thinks about them. To appear on TV, maybe to have your transportation paid for, a token amount of $50 given and your lodging paid for is worth opening your life experience to someone who sees you as ” a nothing.”

  2. I lived in Cincinnati from 2000 to 2008, and ALWAYS felt the same as you about Bill Cunningham. He incites the continuing racism issues in the city, and if the city wants to move on, 700WLW needs to boot him to the street. What a sad moron he is.

  3. Who are the morons that sponsor his show? I for one wouldn’t use or patronize them if they were the last ones on earth.
    As for the kneeling, hand clasping idiot who supposedly hosts this undisciplined fiasco on his knees, he should be shot with a little ball of his own shit.

    • No, your question should be “why” on earth do black people continue to be guests on, not on his show, but any shows of this kind? That’s, on black people, not white people. I guess it’s “all good” to go on national TV, and make fools of yourself! Then black people want to call Bill C. a racist? Hey, black people you’re the problem …not Bill!

      • Really Jon, I agree. Does Maury’s ” the results are in” make then look any better? Hey, if all it takes is free transportation, free hotel and food to go on TV and make a complete ass of oneself, then who’s to blame? The idiots who agree to do it. I saw a clip from Maury the other day. It was a white couple. She swore to him that she never cheated on him, yet somehow he was the father of bi-racial twins. They “needed” to go on Maury, plaster photos of these poor blessed children across the nation, to determine if “Daddy” was the father. Really? Guess the shock when the DNA revealed that he “was not the father”. She started wailing and running, “fill in Daddy” went running after her, then there’s Maury offering his comfort for her lies and deceit. The saddest thing is of all….these children will be raised by the idiots who agree to share their “insanity” with the world. Thank God that I only lost about 5 minutes of my life watching this crap!!!

      • I’ll explain once again. I actually enjoy daytime talk shows. I watch Steve and Maury whenever I get the chance. I’m calling out Bill Cunningham because Bill is the only one that also hosts a racist AM radio show. That’s all there is to it.

        I doubt there’s any practical way of knowing whether or not Bill actually features more black people than the rest of the daytime talkers. Unfortunately, no one has the time to watch every show everyday and keep a race ledger. It only seems plausible because Bill is such a notorious bigot. He has outed himself as a racist on Fox News and AM radio over and over again. Steve Wilkos doesn’t write wacky comedy bits about alleged police brutality. Jerry Springer has never called the president a Jew-gassing Nazi. Not on the air, anyway.

        So, you see, Bill very much IS the problem.

        Also, if people are really going on these shows just for the free food and hotel and shit, then that would have to be the motivation for all the people, and not just the black ones, wouldn’t it? Maybe they put the white people up at the Four Seasons and dump the black people in a Motel6? Maybe. Come to think of it, that sounds like something Bill Cunningham might actually do. I wouldn’t put it past him.

  4. Why can’t we all join forces and sign a petition for The bill Cunningham Show to finally get cancelled ? I’m not sure as to how many signatures we need , probably anywhere between 5,000 & 5,000,000 or between 5,000,000 & 5,000,000,000 , but that’s just a quick guss . I mean come on people , let’s all band together and get this racist and stereotypical/stereotype of an evil talk show host off television once and for all . I would start that petition , but maybe this message is a good way to start . Either way , it’s up to all of us to put an end to this cancerous talk show host .

    • We don’t need to sign a petition! We just need to first “get it” ..and “understand what we’re doing to ourselves, and change our attitudes, and behaviors…which in this case is completely NEGATIVE! I just can’t understand why we as a people continue to embrace negative behavior, and support this kind of foolishness! Looks, like we still have a long way to go!

  5. Its disgusts me to show this show and others like it. Indeed you mainly see black quests further its cheating or commonly baby momma drama..Sadly these black guests fail to see they are being portrayed with the lowest form of negative stereotype a black person can have.. Even more saddening to most viewers this image confirms their initial beliefs of black people. But as some have stated some people will sell their soul for a hot and a cot…aka free meal and bed…
    And no I wont get started on the morons that “repeatedly” go on a show in search of my baby daddy….My people my people WAKE THE FUCK UP..PLEASE !!!!!!!!!!

  6. Bla bla Bla bills a racist boo hoo! Black people are the most racist group on earth! Stop pretending, you just hate Bill because he is white..You reversed racist scum

    • Me? Hate white people? Please. I hate white people like I hate fucking your mom. And I LOVE fucking your mom! Please tell all your fellow moronic Bill Cunningham fans that I’m fucking their mothers too. And she likes it in the ass!

      I don’t hate white people. I hate exploitive two-faced assholes. I don’t think I was unreasonable. I said I liked all the other shows, and they’re all hosted by white people. Well, except Trisha, but she’s off the air now. Isn’t she? I’m pretty sure. She’s gone where I live. Well, anyway. You’re a moron.

  7. Bill Cunningham is awful. It’s important to NOT watch his black exploitation television show, and instead listen to his racist AM radio show, where he’s speaking to a bunch of his real supporters, white conservative racists. Bill often has black guests on who either regurgitate his perspective, are talked down to, or are shut down, but most of the time they agree with his dumbfounding view which is anything but balanced. He depicts black people as subordinates, who are “helped” by white people. He’s an awful person with a damning message. I’m white, i’m not even close to a liberal nor a conservative. Bill Cunningham is the most exploitative piece of garbage there is. I hope one day black people help HIM to see the world differently.

  8. Well my mother was right! If you give someone one enough rope they will hang themselves. And bill has truly done that. I did not capitalize his name for a reason, a small man deserves a small name and a small platform to stand on, to voice his small views. One day I hope he will love him self enough to know he does not have to put other peoples lights out to let his shine. If they are given enough time they will show up to be the same type of people as bill.

  9. Bill Cunningham uses black people as animals on his show for his circus. He only has the loudest and most ghetto people on the show. Do they not know how stupid they look? Wtf! Black people are making themselves look like IDIOTS! IF you are STUPID enough to go on this show….KILL YOURSELF.

  10. I agree that Cunningham goes to far, but what i do not get, is the fake civil/human rights nonsense that you spew. You all call Cunningham a racist, but look past that Obama hung out with anti-Semites. Thats ok to you. WHY. It would not be ok to you if a white President hung out with racists, but its ok to hang out with anti-Semites???? What fools and hypocrites you all are.

    • So, we people are fools and hypocrites, huh? Gee, ya know, I’m kinda annoyed with you, Billy, because I just showed this stupid, half-assed dipshittery you smeared all over my comment section to your mother. And she had to take her mouth off my dick long enough to call you a fucking idiot. Though my penis was inconveniently chilly for a moment, she did have a point. What in the name of balls are you babbling about? If you think Bill goes to far, why do you then call my words “fake civil/human rights nonsense”? Which-the-fuck-is it? I don’t know what you’re talking about, and it seems you don’t, either. Typical Bill fan. Heres some advice for you and your numb nuts. It’s better to be thought of as a fool then to defend Bill Cunningham and remove all doubt. Shut the fuck up.

  11. Covington, KY is across the river from Cincinnati. It’s basically as close to Cincy as Brooklyn is to Manhattan or Camden is to Philly. I think you can even walk across the river on a bridge to get there. This guys sounds like a total piece of garbage, but I wouldn’t kill him for that one.

  12. So it’s Bill’s fault that these people come on the show & act like frigging idiots?? Please…no one should be on a TV show & act like a fool unless that is who they are, they don’t care how ridiculous they look…..screaming, in each others faces with all the animated arm waving, pointing, talking over each other & standing up & over other guests.

    • It’s Bill’s fault he has a racist right-wing radio show. That is where I have a problem. Why is that so hard for you Bill defenders to understand? It’s like you just ignore inconvenient facts and turn a deaf ear to the truth…oh, that’s right. You’re conservative Repubs. You do that everyday with everything.

  13. Oh, I hate the Bill Cunningham show! I don’t like ANY of such shows, but, yes, I noticed during the day when I am changing channels that all I see are BLACK FOLKS on his shows… like every single day. Then one day, I watched long enough to see Bill “pretending” to care and offer advice. OMG! It was the worst.

    I had to look Bill Cunningham up online and see his history and that he is married to some kind of judge. That makes it even worse! Sometimes people in law enforcement or criminal justice become very racist because of what they see during their jobs. It takes effort to stop yourself and think about the thoughts you are having and if they are right or wrong. You have FIGHT against racist thoughts and not let them take root in your heart.

    What people here posting forget is that many of these poor, unfortunate black people on Cunningham’s shows simply do not “know any better.” They really don’t. Many come from dysfunctional homes, etc. Many want to be on TV because they like the attention. In their daily lives, they struggle. They face racism and unemployment. They are put down and don’t get any validation in their lives. They are the overlooked people in society. Social media and all those things are very appealing to them because they can finally be noticed. Being on TV is exciting for them. They are ignorant in the truest sense.

    Believe it or not, BLACK people are not the only people with lives like this. People call it ghetto. Well, there is ghetto all over the planet. I’ve seen “ghetto” in nearly every race of people. For instance, there are plenty of white families like Honey Boo Boo–and many even worse! They are “out there,” living in poverty in inner cities and out in the back country hills of this nation. They can’t talk good English. They have low morals. They are on methamphetamine and other drugs. They have babies out of wedlock too. Some are sexual deviates. Some have sex with animals. You name it–it’s out there.

    However, Bill Cunningham, with his racist beliefs has found a way to ONLY feature black people. He doesn’t want to show America the Honey Boo Boos and white people who are ghetto. And that’s what racists do–they perpetuate the belief that their people are better, more decent, etc, by controlling the media and what the world gets to see in their race. People like Bill Cunningham generally believe that because they are white, they are superior.

    Because of his show, I believe Bill Cunningham is of bad character. I don’t care what he’s done in his life. He is taking advantage of disadvantaged people. He is making fun of people who do not know any better. If he was a truly decent character, he would not do this.

    Just because you CAN do something, doesn’t mean you should. Where is Cunningham’s sense of right and wrong? I just don’t see it. He’s a bad character.

    I wish someone prominent, perhaps a popular black movie star, would speak out about Cunningham’s pathetic shows and bring attention to his racist demeaning of black people.

  14. If Bill Cunningham is one of four children who had an abusive alcoholic father who abandoned his family, well, that kind of explains why Cunningham would want to pick on someone else and put them down.

    My guess is that Cunningham wants to feel BETTER than someone because he is physically unattractive, scarred by his childhood and suffering from low self-esteem, something that afflicts the majority of racists, I’ve found.

  15. No ignorant people go check your statistic. White fathers are more absent in the home than black fathers. Trust me go on line and check it out

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